LQQK Studio is a screen-printing and design service collective based out of Brooklyn, NYC.
Founded by NYC creative Alex Dondero along with peers Paul Bryant, Max Feuer, Martin Davis, Mike Cherman and Joe Garvey, LQQK Studio prides itself on working with a rotating cast of contributors that are at the forefront of creative expression.

With roots in art, fashion, skate and street culture, LQQK created a brand extension with a clothing line that quickly caught the attention of style purveyors, cultivating a cult following and sold in pinnacle accounts such as Dover Street Market in NYC.

This footwear and apparel collaboration with Vans is an authentic collection with unique design details, focusing on clear technical fabrication and translucent foxing tape.

Only Available at Select Vault Dealers

Located in an inconspicuous building on Manhattan Ave in East Williamsburg, is where you’ll find the LQQK Studios nestled. Although LQQK is comprised of a small and tight run crew, there’s always a rotating cast of contributors and project extended family.

The studio is a place of creative community. These photos show a behind the scenes look (no pun intended) of the studio space and the LQQK team and friends.